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Sumy Kujon started her brand in Lima, Peru, some eighteen years ago. From the very beginning Sumy has worked with Baby Alpaca and Vicuña Wool, Pyma and organic cotton, all are Peruvian yarns and threads that have gained international renown.

Her designs have appeared in the fashion shows of the New York Fashion Week and the Hong Kong Fashion Week, in Beijing , Shanghai and in many other places.

Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, the Wall Street Journal, WGSN, have presented her work, and admired her craft and creativity.

The Sumy Kujon Brand is a universal collection based on her origins: she translates her traditions into the contemporary language of the fashion world.
The vision of the brand, now, is to create synergies between design and handicraft, and to retrieve and enhance ancestral Peruvian techniques, so that we may see, appreciate and use them in our modern times.

All the production is made in Peru.

The Sumy Kujon Brand offers the versatility of the Peruvian natural bres to the world, with contemporary collections and a style that is absolutely unique.

The simplicity and sensitivity of her collections are ike a second skin that women wear with ease and elegance, from America to Asia. Sumy Kujon’s designs do not re ect a passing moment in time: their minimal structure are pure luxury, a pleasure to wear, knowing that those garments are made with a sustainable industry.